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Make Eric Byrnes Angel Pagan's Backup

When the idea of adding Eric Byrnes as the Mets fourth outfielder first started floating around, I was understandably horrified. When the Diamondbacks cut Byrnes, effectively swallowing his $11 million salary, adding him suddenly became a great idea. Byrnes is a below-average hitter, but an excellent defensive outfielder (+11 UZR/150 in CF), and just 3 years removed from the 4-WAR season that earned him his eventually burdensome contract. Byrnes is often noted for his "all-out" style of play, which is a fancy of way of saying he's the grission king. He's a versatile player, who could replace the injury-prone Angel Pagan in the outfield, or the allergy-prone Kevin Burkhardt on the broadcasting team. Seriously, the Eric Byrnes show would likely be ten-times more entertaining than any of the current programming on SNY, including the Mets games: