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Bengie Applesauce - Molina spurns Mets, Toronto close with Delgado, Met Hall of Fame

Meet the Mets

The storyline of this offseason is clearly that the Mets fail. Even when they play the market smart and stand pat on Bengie Molina. This, by the way, is a signing that Giant fans have panned. Metsradamus has a hilarious photo look-a-like of Bengie.

The Mets have settled with Sean Green, but Angel Pagan is still not signed.

There are rumors that Toronto has signed Delgado. No confirmations from the team or player, however.

The Mets have announced their new Met Hall of Fame class, including Doc Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Davey Johnson, and Frank Cashen.

The Red Sox apparently lowered their Jason Bay offer after receiving some negative health reports on Bay's knees. has a poll going on about who is the worst GM in baseball. Omar is running away with it.

Some good stuff about Bobby Valentine. For one thing, his product endorsements are amazing. Secondly, here is the first in a four part series on Bobby's parting with the Marines. I haven't had time to read it this morning, but it sounds juicy.

Marty Noble tells us to get a life.

Nic Cage as Ed Hearn. So weird.

Some conversation about Jenrry Mejia.

Around the NL East

An earthquake in the Caymans has disrupted Jimmy Rollins' wedding. A wedding that stars Bobby Abreu as best man.

Charlie Manuel has lost 56 pounds on Nutrisystem.

Philadelphia has also signed Brandon Duckworth and are interested in Eric Gagne.

Some Marlin news. They are the most efficient team in baseball for the 2000s. The Mets are the least efficient. They also  have a stadium name deal with Sun Life.

Around MLB

Jose Offerman has been banned for life from the Dominican winter league. Seems like he would be a great replacement for Tony Bernazard.

Jim Edmonds apparently wants to come back to MLB. Good luck with that.

Felix Hernandez is close to signing an extension with Seattle, continuing the Mariners amazing offseason.

Colorado is close to signing Captain Red Ass.