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Pineiro Applesauce - Joel signs with Anaheim, Mets interested in Japanese veteran, F-Mart impresses

Meet the Mets

Once again the Mets come up short in free agent bidding, but this time it's on players who are actually decent. Joel Pineiro chose the Angels and Doug Davis the Brewers.

Fonzie Forever is still happy about the Molina non-signing and lists off all the players we can have instead. Ted Berg writes that Francesa's idea of Chris Snyder isn't terrible.

The Mets continue to show interest in Japan League players, this time talking to ten-year veteran Hisanori Takahashi who insists that he can be a Major League starter.

Fire Jerry Manuel just demolishes Marty Noble.

Some good Fernando Martinez news. He is dominating in his nine playoff games so far. Toby Hyde points out that Martinez is a lot like Philadelphia top prospect Michael Taylor.  

Mets Police posted some photos of what will soon be the Met Museum and the new orange staircases.

Patrick Flood breaks down some of Darryl Strawberry's greatest seasons.

Phillies Nation predicts the 2010 Met season based on last year's WAR numbers, while making some educated guesses because of the unbelievable number of injuries.

Around MLB

The Cayman Island earthquake didn't delay Jimmy Rollins' wedding for too long

Some former Met news to pass along. Jay Payton joins Paul Lo Duca in Colorado. And Cory Sullivan is Houston-bound.

Murray Chass acts like an idiot.

Why is Johnny Damon still unemployed? The man stole two bases on one attempt. That is off the grission charts.

And, finally, Walkoff Walk presents some of Pete Rose's greatest commercials