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Ben Sheets Applesauce - Mets show strong interest, Figueroa's strengths, Smoltz could replace Maine

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There is some baseball news on this AFC Championship week.

Meet the Mets

I guess we can start with some Ben Sheets news. Ted Berg says that Sheets would be a far superior move to the potential alternative Jon Garland.

Fonzie Forever took issue with Fire Jerry Manuel's Marty Noble piece. Fire Jerry Manuel just piles on more.

The Mets will continue to take a look at Delgado, but if they decide against him, they will most likely turn back to Fernando Tatis. Chad Tracy is also apparently an option.

Patrick Flood continues to write about this year's Met Hall of Fame inductees, this time it's Dwight Gooden.

Pat Andriola writes that the Mets have a hidden gem in Nelson Figueroa.

The Mets could make room for John Smoltz by dealing John Maine, writes Ken Davidoff. This is a suggestion from Davidoff, not a report of actual consideration by the Mets to deal Maine.

Greg Prince reminds us of the days when we were glad that we had a Wilpon owning the team rather than a Steinbrenner.

Project Prospect has Fernando Martinez as the #10 prospect in all of baseball.

As part of their offer, the Red Sox required that Jason Bay undergo knee surgery, a procedure that was strongly discouraged by Bay's own doctors.

Around MLB

The Phillies have agreed to deals with both Shane Victorino and Joe Blanton. Each will likely stay in Philadelphia for another three years.

Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins says that McGwire couldn't hit home runs against him because he couldn't hit while on his back. Oh, and he wants McGwire to apologize to all the pitchers out there.

Mo Vaughn is a part of New York City's massive apartment renovation.

Patrick Sullivan responds to grouchy Murray Chass.

Hideki Irabu once again retired from baseball.

And, in what I hope is good news, Miguel Cabrera has sought out treatment for his alcoholism.