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Halos Heaven On Gary Matthews Jr.

Who better to give us a feel for what to expect out of Gary Matthews Jr. than someone who has had to suffer through his inept balling for the past three seasons. After the trade was announced I asked for a quick scouting report from Rev Halofan from SB Nation Angels blog Halos Heaven. Here's what he had to say.

Enjoy Gary Matthews Jr in limited quantities.

For the Million bucks or so you are paying Gary Matthews Jr., here is what you are getting:

  1. Great clubhouse guy.

That is about it. Enjoy the chemistry.

Seriously, Gary Matthews Jr. (or GMJ as we call him) is the incomplete package. His defense is okay, no cannon arm, occasional terrible routes to balls, nothing egregious, nothing profound. He won't hit for power, he is okay on the basepaths, he might stretch from 1B to 3B on singles, but won't steal bases. He is smart, but you would rather have young and dumb than old and smart. He will be lucky to see the north side of .240. All the playing time he grumbled for will only make him ache more given his age.

For a million bucks, you won't get a better veteran league average outfielder who is the anti-Milton Bradley when it comes to crabbing about the way he is being treated.

That is all I got. The less you notice the guy the better your team is doing.