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GMJ Applesauce - Mets acquire Matthews, Buffalo will be better, Delgado limping

AFC Championship day. Can't say that I have high hopes right now, but at least I get to enjoy one more week of football. And it gets my mind off the idea of Gary Matthews Jr. starting in center field.

Meet the Mets

So, the Mets got one of the worst players in baseball to compete for a spot in their outfield. Matthew Carruth asks was Vernon Wells not available? Ted Berg is still banging his head against his desk over the Mets' process. Patrick Flood takes the air out of any of the easy reasons for Matthews.

Let's not forget that the Mets are actually RE-acquiring Gary Matthews Jr. Mets Walk-Offs takes a look at other players who have just one AB as a Met.

The Mets may be better at building a AAA team than a MLB one.

Carlos Delgado is limping around first base. That's not a really good sign.

I kind of miss Chad Bradford too. Even if he didn't get the guy out, he was fun to watch.

Metstradamus has some incredibly weird dreams.

Matt Cerrone sat down with Darryl and Doc.

Around the NL East

The first manager of the Atlanta Braves and Hank Aaron's favorite, Bobby Bragan, has passed away at 92 years old.

Philadelphia has signed Jose Contreras to probably replace Clay Condrey.

Matt Stairs has left Philly and signed with San Diego.

The Nationals are shopping Josh Willingham to open up a spot in left field for Adam Dunn. That's right. Dunn back in left.

Around MLB

Some random signings to pass along. Giambi back to Colorado. Tejada back to Baltimore.

Mark Loretta is retiring and joining an as of yet unnamed front office.

The Fashion Ump points out some of the worst uniforms of the 90s. The Rays' uniforms could not have helped in making that city hospitable to a MLB team.