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The Day After Applesauce - GMJ's effect on Met farmhands, Rollins' wedding album, Dontrelle's lack of confidence

Pretty light day as most of the news is a post-mortem on the Jets' season. Can't complain too much. They got beat by a better team. Only moment that really upset me was the hit on Mark Sanchez well after he handed the ball off. 

Meet the Mets

Toby Hyde takes a look at the latest roster moves and their impact on the Met farm system. Clearly, the Mets see Fernando Martinez needing another year of polishing.

Johan Santana and John Maine highlight the list of Met players attending a voluntary 3-day minicamp.

Before the Angels shipped GMJ to New York, they were close to sending him to Boston for Mike Lowell. The fact that Boston was sort of interested makes me feel a tad bit better about this.

Congratulations to Indianapolis, but after two weeks, you get to sit and suffer through Oliver Perez pitching like the rest of us.

And we've finally figured out what Omar has been drinking all these years.

Around the NL East

Jimmy Rollins' wedding photo album is up. Is it just me or is it weird that this has become public to everyone?

Philadelphia has re-signed Carlos Ruiz to a three year, $9 million extension.

It really sounds like Washington and the Mets are competing for the same mediocre free agent talent at this point.

Around MLB

Curt Schilling has denied comeback plans. He has just decided to get his fat butt in the gym.

Dontrelle Willis has become the latest baseball player to announce that he has social anxiety issues. He had so little confidence that he was afraid to be on the mound last year.

Will the Brewers move to Orlando? I don't know where this reporter is getting her information. That is just ludicrous. Miller Park is still very new and an amazing facility. The team vigorously denied the story.

Game of Inches has compiled the Bengie Molina All-Stars. Somehow, there are no Mets on this team, but plenty of Royals.