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Good Guy Applesauce - Francouer wins some off-field award, Manuel doesn't need pitchers

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Meet the Mets

No overwhelmingly large Met story to pass along, so let's go with what's out there. Showing that the BBWAA is entirely clueless, Jeff Francouer won the good guy award. Although, to be fair, Carlos Beltran did win a humanitarian award the same night, so they can't be totally off base.

If I were a free agent pitcher and just happened to be listening to Jerry Manuel, I might be a little insulted. I'm not saying that Manuel is wrong though. Nevertheless, the Mets still have interest in John Smoltz, Jon Garland, or Jarrod Washburn as they are falling out of the Ben Sheets chase.

Now that Bengie Molina is out of the picture, the Mets catching situation is still awfully depressing.

Daniel Murphy talks with Matt Cerrone.

Howard Megdal says to relax and enjoy what in all likelihood will be a decent season. Bob Harkins agrees to some extent.

Centerfield Maz examines some ancient Met advertising campaigns.

Around the NL East

The Nationals have added Tyler Walker, Chuck James, and Chris Duncan. They're still not done.

The Marlins are visiting the troops in Iraq.

Around MLB

From the people who gave you the Bengie Molina All Stars, here is the Adam Dunn version.

Fonzie Forever tries to explain why some pitchers have consistently different ERAs than FIPs.

Ernie Banks tells Sosa to come clean.

The White Sox take a pass on Jim Thome.

The unnamed team hiring Mark Loretta is the Padres.

And, finally, Jose Offerman says that the umpire provoked him.