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Mid Morning Applesauce - Mets target Smoltz, Brian Cole case revisited, Dave Matthews Band to Citi

Man, class can get in the way of the important stuff in life. Sorry for the slight delay.

Meet the Mets

So, the Mets missed out on Ben Sheets and Jon Garland. At least they didn't even try on Garland and so can't really be said to have failed in the pursuit. What it does mean, however, is that they are now going straight after John Smoltz. This also makes the fact that Johan threw off a mound that much more important.

It's now almost unanimous. Even Marty Noble is confused by the Matthews trade.

Interesting story from the Daily News. Met officials from 2001 including Jim Duquette and Mookie Wilson are testifying on behalf of Brian Cole's family in their suit against the maker of Cole's SUV. Somehow, they will try and convince the jury that Cole was a bona fide star in order to estimate losses.

Davey Johnson thought the Mets were done with 90 loss seasons after what he accomplished. From the same article, Ed Kranepool is confused about how Beltran went off and got surgery on his own. Old people are crotchety. Oh, and there's more about Davey Johnson. Patrick Flood revisits all of his Met ejections.

It would be kind of nice if Chris Carter learned how to play first base.

The Mets will take a look at Noah Lowry's audition.

Matt Cerrone echoed something Joe Janish has been saying for awhile now.

Dave Matthews Band will be performing at Citi Field in the middle of July.

Around MLB

The Cubs made some moves yesterday, signing potential Met target Chad Tracy and former Met Xavier Nady.

Minnesota picked up Jim Thome for a trivial amount, potentially making Jason Kubel available.

Andre Dawson will wear an Expo cap into the Hall of Fame.

Ronnie Belliard's contract apparently has a clause making the contract contingent on Belliard's weight.

The Rockies have their eyes on Melvin Mora.

And, finally, Manny Acta is awesome.