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Tatis Applesauce - Mets re-sign utility player, Tatis signals platoon at first, some wishful Ike thinking

Once again, I'm sorry for the delay in today's Applesauce. I'm still trying to figure out my new semester's schedule.

Meet the Mets

Big non-controversial day for Adam Rubin in Applesauce. I am going to link to three of his stories in one post. First, Rubin reports that the Mets have re-signed Fernando Tatis. Second, he tells us that Bobby Parnell is moving to the bullpen after Stokes' departure. And, finally, Rubin blogs that John Smoltz could pull a Pedro and wait until midseason as no one but the Mets are interested. My one question about this story is why are the Mets the only team interested?

In response to the Tatis rumors, NY Sports Dog mashes Tatis and Murphy together to form one adequate first baseman. Man, this is going to be a long year.

Centerfield Maz puts his spotlight on Shinjo.

Ted Berg is unenthusiastic about the Jarrod Washburn rumblings.

Does Ike Davis = Ryan Braun?

Chris Wilcox envies Dayton Moore's ability to multi-task.

Around MLB

The Braves are seemingly taking a pass on Johnny Damon and may turn to super prospect Jason Heyward.

Tim Redding's last contract was for $2 million. His latest with the Rockies, not so much. Also in former Met news, Miguel Cairo has landed in Cincinnati.

The Yankees have added Kevin Towers to their front office.

Bill Clinton was still president the last time Kansas City was featured on Sunday Night Baseball.

Andre Dawson had requested to wear a Cub hat in the Hall of Fame.