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Keith Law's Top 100 Prospects

Keith Law of has recently posted his Top 100 prospects.  Its always fun to see everyone's take on the Top 100 prospects, but the three most widely accepted public lists always come from Law, Baseball America, and Baseball Prospectus.  All three have paywalls if you want to read the details, but make the full lists public. 

Michael Diaz breaks down the Mets entries over at Mets Minor League Blog and gives us a taste of what Law has to say.  There are four Mets appearing on the list: Jenrry Mejia (#23), Wilmer Flores (#41), Ike Davis (#64), and Fernando Martinez (#73). 

Law also recently ranked each organization's farm system, with the Mets coming dead smack in the middle at #15.  He also gave a Top 10 for each organization.  Here's what he has for the Mets:

  1. Jenrry Mejia
  2. Wilmer Flores
  3. Ike Davis
  4. Fernando Martinez
  5. Brad Holt
  6. Jon Niese
  7. Josh Thole
  8. Reese Havens
  9. Jefry Marte
  10. Juan Urbina

This list comes off incredibly similar to the one Adam Rubin did a few months back for Baseball America.  Both omit the breakouts of Jeurys Familia, Kyle Allen, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis in favor of Juan Urbina, who is yet to throw a professional pitch.  If anything, Law takes it a step further, ignoring Shortstop Ruben Tejada's Double-A breakout season in favor of Urbina and Jefry Marte, a corner infielder who struggled mightily both offensively and defensively two levels below Tejada, though he was a year younger and still has plenty of time to bounce back.  

In somewhat related news, there should be some fresh Amazin' Avenue prospect rankings on the way.  I've been focusing a lot of time on getting material ready for the recently announced Amazin' Avenue Annual, which will feature the entire Top 26 list as well as some unique content.  As that gets closer to finished, the website countdown will continue.