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I believe in comebacks Applesauce - Tatis reactions, Dawson as a Met, more bad Bay news

Meet the Mets

Some good responses to the Tatis signing to pass along. Toby Hyde writes briefly that it reflects a lack of imagination in the front office. Joe at Metsmerized is so glad that the Mets aren't paying those two draft choices from the Billy Wagner trade so that the Mets can afford Tatis. Metstradamus imagines the depressing conversations between Chris Carter and Val Pascucci.

Davey Johnson says that he lobbied hard for Andre Dawson to become a Met during the 1986 offseason.

Howard Johnson talked with Kevin Kernan about David Wright's swing.

Peter Gammons continues to pile on the amazingly good news about Jason Bay's contract negotiations.

Matthew Artus gives a state of the Mets' union address. On a side note, Fred Wilpon looks eerily like Joe Biden in that picture.

The Cyclones continue to be awesome, this time hosting Jersey? Sure! night

I can't remember if I've passed this along yet, but here's one of the Mets' new ads. I have to admit I Iove Francoeur's "apple a day" line.

Around MLB

As a Fairfield County native, something about this story actually got me a little excited. Not that it will ever happen, but the Tampa stadium situation is not pleasant.

Some Mariner stuff to pass along. First, Randy Johnson will throw out the first pitch at Seattle's home opener. Second, Lookout Landing comes up with a wonderful metaphor for Ken Griffey's swing.

Francisco Liriano was striking a lot of guys out in winter ball.

Timo Perez lands with the Dodgers. Jim Edmonds signs with Milwaukee. Both deals are of the minor league variety.

Who has the better lineup, the Durham Bulls or the Kansas City Royals? Kind of sad that it's this close.

And, finally, Tim Redding throws former teammate Mike Bacsik under the bus by alleging that he grooved Bonds' 756 home run pitch.