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Mets Sign Josh Fogg To Minor League Deal

Per Troy Renck of the Denver Post.

Also, the Dragon Slayer has found a new home. Josh Fogg, one of the coolest guys I have ever covered — think of Vince Vaughn in "Dodgeball," has signed a minor-league deal with the Mets. Fogg told me today that he should have a shot to make the team out of spring training. The Mets’ rotation is pretty much up in the air, so it’s a good spot to compete for a job.

Not much to lose here. Fogg hasn't been decent since 2007 when he posted 1.4 WAR in 165 innings with the Rockies. His peripherals are really bleah. He doesn't strike anyone out -- 4.87 career K/9 -- and he's not a groundball guy. He has pretty good control, but that's not really enough to make him a useful big-leaguer.

[Added by Sam, 12:06 PM EST ] Apparently, he chose the Mets because it was his best opportunity to make a starting rotation -- a pretty depressing thought. Last season, Fogg pitched pretty well out of the Rockies bullpen, because only allowed ~10% of his batted pitches were line drives, compared to 20% for his career. Next season, that number will likely regress closer to the career mark, leaving Fogg with virtually no positive attributes. He also stranded more runners on base than any other season in his career. 

In eight minor-league starts last season, Fogg walked more batters than he struck out. He had a K:BB< AAA. As a starter for the Reds in 2008, he was pretty clearly the worst starting pitcher in the National League. Looking at Josh Fogg's stats as a starter is like looking at Barry Bonds stats as hitter, in that you often find yourself saying "how can that number be so high?" There's about 100 pitchers I'd rather see compete for a spot in the Mets rotation and Livan Hernandez and Tim Redding are both somewhere on that list. Hopefully the Mets relegate him to AAA during Spring Training, because I can't envision a scenario where he makes the team and doesn't make the it significantly worse.