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Wiffleball Applesauce - Mets' slow pursuit of Molina, Bay's fifth year option, Mets with mob ties

Meet the Mets

We're still learning about the Mets' new left fielder, and for this I'm quite thankful. Turns out he was quite the wiffleball player. This might make him my new favorite Met. On a more serious note, Hardball Times takes a look at whether the vesting option will end up being worth it.

Ted Berg brings in some Arrested Development as a metaphor for the Bengie Molina courtship.

Carlos Delgado is supposed to start his winter league action today. Metsmerized gets you caught up with what has happened so far in offseason play.

Chris Wilcox makes a strong argument against the John Harpers of the world.

Here are two stories that I'm not sure really mean too much, but make great headlines:



D.J. Short embraces the crotchety, old, and yet endearing Marty Noble.

Around the NL East

The Phillies have probably replaced Chan Ho Park with Denys Baez.

Chipper talks with the Journal-Constitution about what life will be like without Bobby Cox

I don't think I could like the new Marlins' stadium any more.

Around MLB

Freaking Koby Clemens