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David Cone Might Not Return To Yankees Booth -- SNY Should Give Him A Call

According to Bob Klapisch, David Cone might not return to the YES Network this season as an announcer/analyst:

It appears Cone’s short but brilliant run in the YES broadcast booth may be over. Sources say Cone is out after a heated disagreement with network executives.

Klapisch confirmed his sources' story with a Yankees spokesman (an example of strong reporting, no snark). Coney would make a fine addition to SNY's stable of analysts and the network would be wise to at least check in with him. He is a charismatic commentator, mixing intelligent analysis with some entertaining stories. Think a combination of Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez. He's even into sabermetrics! Gary, Keith & Ron, the best announcing team in baseball, are entrenched in the broadcast booth so Cone's role would likely be as a studio analyst. Who knows if he is open to such a role or what his salary requirements are, but this is an opportunity worth pursuing.