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2010 SB Nation Hall Of Fame Ballot

The BBWAA announce their 2010 Hall Of Fame election results on Wednesday, but in advance of the 'official' ballots I hereby present the results of our SB Nation voting. The idea was to get one or two bloggers from each SB Nation baseball site, give them HOF ballots, and see how our electees differ from the BBWAA's. The final tally is below, and they're a mixed bag.

Player % of Ballots # of Ballots
Bert Blyleven 92.3 48
-- -- --
Roberto Alomar 73.1 38
Barry Larkin 63.5 33
Tim Raines 53.8 28
Mark McGwire 51.9 27
Edgar Martinez 48.1 25
Alan Trammell 40.4 21
Andre Dawson 32.7 17
Lee Smith 26.9 14
Fred McGriff 25 13
Dale Murphy 17.3 9
Jack Morris 13.5 7
Don Mattingly 11.5 6
Harold Baines 7.7 4
Dave Parker 3.8 2
Kevin Appier 3.8 2
Ellis Burks 1.9 1
Ray Lankford 1.9 1
Shane Reynolds 1.9 1

You can see the actual ballots here. Each ballot is labeled with the blog from whence it came. Here is my ballot:

* Bert Blyleven
* Roberto Alomar
* Barry Larkin
* Tim Raines
* Alan Trammell
* Mark McGwire
* Edgar Martinez

Alex Nelson turned in the other AA ballot and his echoed mine with the exclusion of Martinez.

Inclusion on 75% of ballots -- 39 votes -- was required to cement an affirmative election for any particular player. The good news is that Bert Blyleven appeared on 48 of 52 ballots, or 92.3%, enough to land him honorary enshrinement in the SB Nation Baseball Hall Of Fame. The bad news is that we probably didn't do much better than the BBWAA overall. Roberto Alomar fell just one vote shy of induction, which is a shame because his 63.6 career WAR puts him among the games very best second-basemen. More than Nellie Fox, Ryne Sandberg, Red Schoendienst, Bill Mazeroski, Billy Herman, Bobby Doerr, Tony Lazzeri, Johnny Evers, Miller Huggins, and Joe Gordon, all hall-of-famers.

You can read my mini defense of Alan Trammell in this comment from the other day.