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Press Conference Applesauce - Mets to introduce Bay, Delgado back in fold, Strawberry Apprentice

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Meet the Mets

Jason Bay passed his physical and will be introduced to the media this morning at an 11:00 press conference.

Carlos Delgado went 1 for 4 in his first winter league game on Sunday. Omar took notice and the team is definitely interested in bringing the aging first baseman back.

Darryl Strawberry will join Cyndi Lauper, Rod Blagojevich, Bret Michaels, Goldberg, Sinbad, and a few others on the cast of this season's Celebrity Apprentice.  This may be the first reality show I will ever watch.

Patrick Flood dedicates this week to David Wright and trying to figure out last year's power outage. First, he puts it in historic perspective. Then, he tries to figure out whether Wright's bat slowed down.

Ted Berg waxes poetic on weighing rational thought versus irrational fandom.

MLBTrade Rumors puts together a nice spreadsheet of Omar's work.

The Mets are not among the 15 teams who have contacted Chien-Ming Wang's agent.

Fred Wilpon would love to see the NHL's Winter Classic held at Citi Field in the near future.

I wonder if the Jason Bay signing will convince Matthew Broderick to stick with the Mets.

Around the NL East

Charlie Manuel is old.

Despite reports to the contrary, the Phillies are not close to signing Taiwanese outfielder Chia-Jung Lee, although they have interest in him.

Around MLB

Some odds and ends:

The Rockies have snagged Miguel Olivo

Cleveland adds Shelley Duncan.

Boston is close to signing Adrian Beltre.

Other good stuff:

Rob Neyer discusses the comparisons between Bert Blyleven and Harold Baines.

Dave Cameron says Edgar Martinez's clutch moment was just as dominating as Jack Morris's.

Joe Posnanski compiles an amazing list of the best players since 1970. Seriously, take a look.

Pujols as a Yankee. Cringe.

Beyond the Box Score continues its pipeline to Baseball Prospectus.