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Jason Bay Caption Fun

The SBN content management platform has integrated AP images, which a) is totally sweet, and b) occasionally turns up a real 'WTF' picture, like this one. And the one above of Jason Bay following his press junket on Tuesday. Exactly what he's looking at is anybody's guess, but it's nothing a good caption can't solve. I'd like to say we'll give something away to the architect of the best caption, but last time the offerings were so bad we were pretty close to calling the whole thing off. So this is a make-good opportunity to bring back the swag giveaways. I'll get the ball rolling.

  • Jason Bay practices watching flyballs to left field land nowhere near his glove.
  • "With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North strong and free!"
  • "So I was standing front row at a Rush concert back in '95, eh, and dontcha know I look up and there's Geddy !@#$ing Lee staring back at me. Those hosers in the nosebleeds didn't know what they were missing!"

P.S. These took me like five seconds so take ten and come up with something better.

P.P.S. Love ya, Canada. You too, Geddy.