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Amazin' Avenue: A Thank You With Numbers

2009 was a year of astounding growth for Amazin' Avenue. James already recapped some of our more interesting and entertaining posts from the past year. We would eventually like to compile the best FanPosts and FanShots of the past year, too, to highlight some of the great contributions from members of this community. Someone should get on that.

Thanks to the hard work by a lot of people at SB Nation, our network secured content distribution deals with some of the biggest names in internet sports, like Yahoo!, SportsLine, and SI, relationships which led to a considerable surge in traffic and new readership. Thanks to dumb luck on my part, I stumbled upon two brilliant Mets writers in Sam and James who have had an immeasurable impact on both the quality and quantity of great content on this site. We are all more knowledgeable Mets fans because of their contributions here. Joe also came aboard this past year and righted the applesauce ship that I had previously steered full-bore into jagged rocks. I hear from more people than I can count how much they love the daily link dumps, which are all a result of Joe's hard work. Add to all that the reacquisition of Alex and the recent introduction of Mark to the front-page team and we've got a group of writers as good as any.

All of these things have contributed to building an audience that has quadrupled in size over the past year.

2008 2009 % Diff
Visits 233,573 1,126,381 382%
Page Views 432,953 2,452,190 466%

An average of 3,086 different people stopped by here every day in 2009, so thank you to all of their respective mothers' and their respective basements.

What's more, Dusty, one of the SBN developers, pulled together the content stats from the past year for us to disseminate and share with you guys. Here are some site-specific numbers.

  • New members: 1,568
  • Total comments: 171,825
  • Total stories: 1,073
  • Total FanPosts: 495
  • Total FanShots: 1,426

That breaks down to 4.3 new users, 471 comments, 2.9 stories, 1.4 FanPosts, and 3.9 FanShots per day. Now the fun part.

Most Active Commenters

Num User Count
1 squid92 8,730
2 fxcarden 4,886
3 KeithsMoustache 4,873
4 Jadden Hopkins 4,718
5 Mark Himmelstein 4,442
6 Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright 4,441
7 Gina 4,369
8 JoshNY 3,641
9 itsmetsforme 3,615
10 Prince 3,400

squid92 is the clear commenting champion of 2009, almost doubling his next-closest competitor. It was a dogfight for second place, but fxcarden edged KeithsMustache by a mere thirteen comments to grab the silver medal. Congratulations?

Most Stories

Num User Count
1 Eric Simon 500
2 James Kannengieser 201
3 Joe Budd 185
4 Sam Page 165
5 Alex Nelson 17
6 kingcritical 3
7 Mark Himmelstein 2

Suck it, losers. Better luck next year.

Most FanPosts

Num User Count
1 Mark Himmelstein 39
2 robcast23 19
3 James Kannengieser 14
5 Bobby Baseball 12
6 centerpede 101 11
7 Sokojoe 11
8 AshleyMarshall 11
9 riversmccown 9
10 scott from peekskill 8

Did centerpede really write eleven FanPosts? The winner of this list is now a front-page author here. Is that a not-so-subtle hint to this year's potential top contributors? I won't say.

Most FanShots

Num User Count
1 Sam Page 121
2 Eric Simon 112
3 squid92 106
4 fxcarden 89
5 Mark Himmelstein 86
6 James Kannengieser 81
7 Sokojoe 67
8 Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright 45
9 Gina 37
10 Schmidtxc 31

85% of these involved either Livan Hernandez eating donuts or Jeff Francoeur and Omir Santos racing for .300.

So thanks again for everyone involved in the site -- my fellow writers, this fantastic community, and our tireless SB Nation team -- for making 2009 the best year yet at Amazin' Avenue. Here's to 2010 kicking 2009's ass.