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Minor League Applesauce - Met farm system not terrible, David Wright's defense and charity, Spring Training around the corner

Meet the Mets

Let's start with the Mets' minor league system. John Sickels at Minor League Ball compiles his top 20 prospects for the organization with Jenrry Mejia heading the list. 

More minor league stuff. 

Toby Hyde picks up on Mark's Nieuwenhuis's analysis.

Now, back to the bigs. The Mets announced their Spring Training reporting dates. Ahhh... the new year has truly begun. That also means that it's time for another ridiculously optimistic Met ad campaign.

Patrick Flood takes a look at David Wright's sub-par defensive year.

Rob Neyer begins the Mike Piazza Hall of Fame hat speculation. It would be nice to finally have another Met in the Hall.

Matt Cerrone has begun a rumor about John Smoltz. Metsradamus is upset that Omar would even consider it.

Jason Fry describes the alternate universe in which the Mets and Barry Larkin had agreed on a contract extension back in 2000.

The Mets and Marlins are close to announcing a three game series in Puerto Rico. Florida would be sacrificing the home games.

Hooray for David Wright and Stamford.

Around the NL East

The Marlins are conceding defeat in the Aroldis Chapman bidding. The Angels and Red Sox are still very much alive.

Last chance to go on a cruise with Shane Victorino.

Philadelphia reliever Scott Eyre has retired.

Around MLB

Here are some more Hall of Fame stories. Jay Mariotti says that Roberto Alomar didn't feel like a first ballot Hall of Famer, so the BBWAA can throw him out if they want to. Also, could this have been Bert Blyleven's high water mark?

Bud Selig is in discussions with the commissioner of the Japanese leagues to have something actually resembling a world series.

Ted Berg talks with Elizabeth Wrigley-Field

Chien-Ming Wang will be ready to join a Major League team in May.

Former Met news: Seattle has signed Chris Woodward.

Could have been Met news: Jack Cust returns to the Athletics.

Fortunately never close to being a Met news: Scott Podsednik is close to a deal with Kansas City.