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Sandy the Savior Applesauce - Alderson front runner for Met GM, Minaya may stay, Backman waits by phone

Meet the Mets

Sandy Alderson jumped to the top of the Met potential GM list over the weekend, earning praises around the internets. More here and here. I think hiring a lawyer as GM is a fantastic move, even though he went to Harvard, but that may be my own UVA Law bias. Plus, if you weren't convinced already, Alderson could mean that Minaya stays with the Mets as a super scout

Even though Alderson has strong ties with Cardinal manager Tony La Russa, don't expect him to jump over to the Mets as well. Additionally, Fred Wilpon seems to want the next manager to have Met connections. Wally is still waiting by the phone, Fred.

As Alderson's stock rises, other names are dropping out. Terry Ryan is out. Gerry Hunsicker is definitely out.

John Sickels is impressed with Aderlin Rodriguez's power.

JD at Section 518 puts Ike Davis's 2010 season in historical perspective and comes away impressed.

And, finally, Ted Berg responds to the rationality of switching your baseball allegiances.

Around MLB

Cole Hamels. Even free tequila shots couldn't get him off his game last night and the Phillies are in the NLCS.

Brooks Conrad. Maybe he drank Cole's rejected tequila shots. He certainly could use them today. He could go and drink them with Billy Wagner.

Chase Utley pulled a Derek Jeter.

Ron Gardenhire's job is safe.

The Royals may be looking to deal Brian Bannister. 

This story about Mayor Bloomberg planning the Yankee victory parade is getting a lot of attention, but seriously, wouldn't you rather have a major city event planned relatively ahead of time even if there's a good chance it won't happen?

Hall of Fame outfielder Tony Gwynn has announced that he has a form of salivary gland cancer that is being treated and controlled.

MLB players are looking to meet with the umpires during the offseason to figure out how they can stop being so terrible.