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Amazin' Avenue 2010 Mets Awards


"I don't deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don't deserve that either." - Jack Benny

Once the baseball season ends, in order to fill the great expanse between October and February a lot of blogs either go dormant altogether or rely on fluff pieces that may amuse the hoi polloi but generally don't add much in the way of intelligent discourse. Welcome to the latter category.

Awards and the celebrations thereof are generally enjoyed far more by the presenters than by the recipients, and I suspect we will hold serve on that particular observation since none of our award winners is ever likely to know he won anything in the first place. That may be for the best since some of the awards are of a pejorative nature and I don't need Fernando Nieve showing up at my doorstep with a switchblade and/or forlorn scowl.

The voting has already taken place among the eight (!) of us and the results will be announced per the following schedule.

Best rookie: Monday, October 25
Most disappointing player: Tuesday, October 26
Most surprising player: Wednesday, October 27
Worst reliever: Thursday, October 28
Best reliever: Friday, October 29

Worst starter: Monday, November 1
Best starter: Tuesday, November 2
Worst hitter: Wednesday, November 3
Best hitter: Thursday, November 4

We'll also provide a poll for each award so you can vote on the community award winners, and we'll post those results as well.