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Meet the New Boss Applesauce - Alderson introduced today, manager speculation begins, Giants take 2-0 lead

Meet the Mets

The Alderson Era officially begins today as the Mets will introduce their new general manager at a 2:00 press conference this afternoon. As far as we know at this point, Alderson's contract with the Mets is for four years. Aside from Ian O'Connor's attention grabbing steroid critique, the reviews continue to be positive surrounding the Mets' latest hire. Dan Graziano's here. Toby Hyde keeps finding stuff to like about Alderson. Metstradamus remains neutral in making a Nike ad out of some Alderson photos.

The New York media continues to focus on Alderson's choice for manager. John Harper points out that one previous Alderson pick has already failed spectacularly in New York (Art Howe) and that the next skipper needs a certain skill set that is not as necessary in Oakland. Joe Janish makes the case that Wally is the best fit for Alderson's new philosophy even as the reports out there say that Backman is out of contention. Adam Rossi speculates on what we have to look forward during the start of this transition.

One name has gotten some attention in the managerial search: Don Wakamatsu.

There's actual player news to report on too today. In what appears to be a very positive sign, the Mets have been granted an extension in their deadline to work out a new contract with Hisanori Takahashi

The Mets also were busy even without a general manager as they signed Dominican 3B Elvis Sanchez, a 16 year old right handed hitter with enormous power potential.

Interesting possibility: Leo Mazzone would like to coach for the Mets (or Yankees).

Around MLB

The Rangers limp back to Texas down 0-2 in the World Series after getting shut out 9-0 last night. It's a daunting hole to dig themselves out of. Fortunately for the Rangers, not many people have been watching their humbling

Ted Berg is rooting for Brian Sabean to inexplicably win a World Series.

Some interesting stuff on the amount of respect that Vladimir Guerrero has earned inside the Ranger clubhouse.

With the legalization of marijuana on the California ballot this Tuesday, supporters of Prop 19 have hijacked Tim Lincecum's image to promote their cause.

47 year old Jamie Moyer has been cut, not sure if he'll retire or what.

This is a story I wish I didn't know more about and can't even begin to describe.

Apparently, the White Sox talked to the Marlins about trading manager Ozzie Guillen for top prospect Mike Stanton during the season.