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Backman Back Applesauce - Mets want second chat with Wally, more Charlie Samuels details, Gold Glove reax

Meet the Mets

Met fans are still coming to grips with the addition of Paul DePodesta to the Met front office. Even though they're paying him a boatload of money, it still is about equal to what they paid Alex Cora last season. The salary offer certainly didn't hurt the Mets' chances at landing DePodesta, but a chance to rejoin Alderson sealed the deal.

The Mets have started to take the second step in their managerial search and have invited Wally Backman to return for a callback interview

The Daily News gives us more information on the Charlie Samuels saga including details on his sales of game-used merchandise.

Speaking of Met equipment, Craig Calcaterra lists the black uniforms and hats as the worst misstep in the team's sartorial history.

Keith Law is less than impressed with Jordanny Valdespin.

Ted Berg writes about Edgar Renteria and talks about Don Wakamatsu.

Around MLB

Derek Jeter was one of three Yankee infielders to win a Gold Glove yesterday, a surprising win for the veteran. This certainly can't hurt his ongoing negotiations with the Yankees.

The Phillies' Brian Schneider contract certainly isn't helping with their desire to acquire Jason Varitek.

Atlanta has hired Dave Trembley to be their Terry Collins.

Some more reactions to ESPN's reconfiguration of their Sunday Night Baseball booth. Maury Brown writes that we can expect to see and hear Morgan for a while still on one of the other networks. Additionally, I was pointed to this 2005 article on Morgan which is well worth a read. 

One thing I will certainly miss from Jon Miller's national broadcasts is his unique pronunciations. 

Jon Heyman thinks David Eckstein is the 8th best bargain in free agency.

And, finally, Frank Thomas looks to begin his second career in the polishing and dusting sound mixing boards.