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Endorsements? Really? Applesauce - Backman gets support from former Mets, K-Rod facing civil suit

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Meet the Mets

I think we'll start with the managerial thing today with a focus on former Mets. A bunch of people are talking with the Met alumni to get their endorsements for Wally Backman. So far, Kevin Elster and Dwight Gooden have signed up behind Wally, for what it all is worth. Craig Calcaterra, however, had a tougher time explaining the reasons to not hire Backman during his appearance with Dino Costa on satellite radio. The job, fortunately, is not yet earmarked for Backman as Terry Collins and Bob Melvin seem to have secured a second interview with the front office.

Sandy Alderson will meet with Carlos Beltran this weekend.

Another interesting player move or (non-move) that may happen is the letting go of Pedro Feliciano among whispers that he is washed up. 

SI's Joe Lemire argues that Ike Davis should have won the NL Gold Glove award over Albert Pujols

Francisco Rodriguez now also has a civil suit to deal with as a result of his run-in with his girlfriend's father.

In the Met minor leagues, Mike Hessman and Omir Santos have refused their assignments to triple-A and have become free agents and Kirk Nieuwenhuis homered.

Around MLB

Two former Mets are back on the market after being released by their teams. I can't think of two players with more different reputations among the AA crowd. Jeff Francoeur and Brian Bannister.

Seattle Mariner announcer Dave Niehaus passed away on Wednesday after a heart attack. Niehaus was 75 years old.

Ryan Howard is starting to show a marked decline in productivity against right handers. That's got to be a good sign for that massive contract, right?

Beyond the Box Score has put together it's metric for catcher's defense. Josh Thole managed a spot at 18th on the list. Also of note on the blog is its study showing the massive benefit of the doubt that Mariano Rivera gets in the strike zone.

The Royals have traded David DeJesus to Oakland for two seemingly insignificant minor leaguers. Strange.

Nationals reliever Drew Storen is heading back to Stanford to finish up his degree in product design. I have no idea what that is.

And, finally, the Yankees flew a contingent out to Arkansas to meet with Cliff Lee.