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Collins' Intensity Applesauce - Mets continue talks w/ managerial candidates, Ollie still not good, Juan Samuel back to Philly

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Around MLB

The Mets continue to talk to managerial candidates, with a few names repeatedly getting plenty of attention. Terry Collins appears to be the front runner, so it might be worth it to look at his history. Tyler Kepner of the New York Times highlights his past reclamation projects. Hearing the guy in person may also be of interest to you. Here he is talking about the upcoming Buffalo Bison season (name-dropping half of what ends up to be the 2010 Met roster). 

Another guy getting some attention is Red Sox coach DeMarlo Hale. Patrick Flood gives us a brief summary of Hale's career and style.

Oliver Perez can't pitch well even in the Mexican Winter League. One more year.

Josh Thole may become the fantasy steal of your draft next season.

Charlie Samuels' gambling ring has spread to Mr. Met.

Matt Pignataro points us to a great Dave Niehaus call from the Mariners' great series victory over the Yankees.

The Phillies have brought in former Met disappointment and Phillie great Juan Samuel to coach third base. Sam Perlozzo will move to first base. Both, oddly enough, were former Oriole managers.

In case you have lost track, here's a quick rundown of players the Phillies may or may not be targeting, including Hisanori Takahashi.

Dan Uggla insists that it was the Marlins who broke off contract extension talks.

The Athletics have scheduled an honest-to-goodness doubleheader this upcoming season.

Eno Sarris breaks down Bryce Harper's ML prospects for Bloomberg Sports.

BTB offers an economic explanation for why the Royals made the David DeJesus trade.

And, finally, Joe Posnanski's take on Derek Jeter's Gold Glove and the state of the Yankees.