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Which Mets Wouldn't You Trade For Justin Upton?

As reported by Bob Nightengale, and corroborated elsewhere, both Upton brothers are being shopped their respective teams. B.J. Upton's availability is no surprise. He's arbitration-II and likely to get a raise on this season's $3 million dollars. Bossman Junior is 26 now and seemingly established as a low-OBP, high-power, good defense center fielder in the mold of a rich man's Christopher B. Young.

His little brother Justin, on the other hand, just turned 23 and already posted a .899 OPS season at age 21. He's a phenom, arguably the most talented young hitter in baseball, and is apparently available for less than Stephen Drew. Upton will make $4.25 million next year and very reasonable $39.5M through 2015. FanGraphs ranked him as the 11th most valuable trade asset in baseball, ahead of the Mets' best chip, David Wright.

His availability seems like a clear example of a new GM trying to flip a star for a bunch of talent he gets to pick. Upton's age, upside, and contract, however, make this instance a little absurd. Sandy Alderson and Kevin Towers have good working relationship from San Diego and are both trying to reshape their new teams. Upton also fits Alderson's profile of a player whose defense suits the ballpark, but bat would play anywhere.

If I was Alderson, I'd call Towers and start with Jose Reyes, Ike Davis and anyone else besides Wright.