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In House Applesauce - Next Met manager is from organization, Santana out to start season, Halladay Cy winner

Meet the Mets

The Mets first round of interviews is finally finished and the second round finalists have been announced and will include all in-house candidates (Backman, Hale, Collins, Melvin). Matt Cerrone argues that the process has been unbelievably slow and drawn out with a net that was cast far too wide. He'll probably feel better that they likely will have made a decision by Thanksgiving. Side note on that last link: Puma calls Backman the "fan favorite."

Whoever is the manager next season, he'll likely have to do without Johan Santana for a little while to start the season.

FanGraphs puts together its top 10 list of Met prospects. They talk about the system in general here.

It's times like this that make me wish I had MLB Network as the 1999 Met infield will be included on the show Prime 9s.

The Mets may face competition from the Yankees for Pedro Feliciano.

In other total player speculation news, the Mets are looking for a backup to Josh Thole.

Jose Reyes still has great fantasy potential.

Around MLB

Congratulations to Roy Halladay on winning another Cy Young Award. Selfishly, I kind of wish that this year's crop of Cy candidates enjoy similar fates as 2003's.

The Marlins have been busy this week, making curious trades and pursuing strange free agents. The latest news was their dealing of Dan Uggla to the Braves for Omar Infante and Mike Dunn. Oh, and they're also close to signing John Buck to a 3 year deal.

We're in the middle of Hall of Fame debate season and two interesting arguments are for Marvin Miller and Billy Martin. I'm not sure how you keep either one of them out, but that's just me.

We can probably start looking for an expanded playoffs in 2012.

Adam Dunn is looking for a more lucrative deal than his last.

Paul Francis Sullivan argues that the Pirates need to get their name out there a la Tobias Funke.

Wrigley Field is going purple in honor of the Northwestern game being held there on Saturday.