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Bob Melvin Applesauce - Mets prefer Olerud-endorsed candidate, Thole not guaranteed starter

Meet the Mets

For what seems like the millionth straight day, I'll be leading off with a series of managerial links for you. It appears as though the Met PR staff is starting to sell Bob Melvin as he got a lot of press after yesterday's 90 minute callback interview. While Terry Collins still is a prohibitive favorite to land the job, Melvin appears to have impressed and improved his chances significantly. Most interestingly, for me, is that Melvin has earned an endorsement from John Olerud, pretty much convincing me that he is the man for the job. Apparently, though, I am in the significant minority of Met fans. Nevertheless, we should plant to air our gripes after the final decision on Tuesday.

Not done with managerial links yet. Clearly, the most important factor to think of is the candidates' histories with no-hitters. Wally Backman is the only one on the list who meets this criterion. Speaking of Backman, Patrick Flood compares his curiosity with Wally to his fascination with Keith Richards. And, finally with the manager stuff, Ted Berg talks with Kevin Burkhardt about Chip Hale.

Metsradamus has converted to the patience and process point of view.

Sandy Alderson is not as sold as Omar Minaya was on Josh Thole.

And, finally, Ted Berg writes that we should take this David Wright being unhappy with his teammates story with several grains of salt.

Around MLB

New Brave manager Fredi Gonzalez, who managed Dan Uggla while in Florida, thought that it would require more than the Braves' offer to land the second baseman.

With the Phillies hesitant to re-sign Jayson Werth, they've been laying the foundations for a trade for Carlos Quentin.

Cody Ross thought that maybe he'd be able to cash in on Marlin owner Jeffrey Loria's promise to buy a Ferrari for the winner of the NLCS MVP award. 

Derek Jeter has turned down a three year, $63 million offer. Who exactly are the Yankees competing with here?

One potential reason that Livan Hernandez had such a remarkable comeback season this year is the benefit of the doubt he got from the home plate umpires.

All this talk about a Justin Upton trade is even more speculative given that a trade like this is relatively unprecedented.

Walkoff Walk pretty much nails the manager of the year award.

Painting the Wrigley Field sign purple isn't the only plan that the club has for the stadium.

A lesson about luck and sample size from hockey.

And, finally, Coco Crisp is looking on Craigs List for a female live-in personal assistant to simplify his life.