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Offseason Day 1 Applesauce - Giants win the WS, show Mets that draft is important, Greenberg v. bleacher creatures

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Marijuana is not the only thing Giants fans are lighting lately.
Marijuana is not the only thing Giants fans are lighting lately.

Around MLB

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for giving liberals and National League fans at least one thing to cheer about this week. Did you ever think that the team that the Mets played back in May would reach this point? You certainly couldn't have guessed that Edgar Renteria would become a World Series MVP again. You probably could have guessed, however, that Brian Wilson would become a star. If there is one thing to learn from Brian Sabean is that you can't underestimate the value of drafting well

In terms of the Mets, Adam Rubin gives us a list of key dates to mark on the offseason calendar, although we still don't have anything to put down in terms of managerial interviews.

While the Mets are likely to avoid the prime rib or the lobster, they are certainly going to scan the menu.

Howard Megdal contributes his own glowing review of Sandy Alderson. R.J. Anderson says that Alderson is walking into a situation primed for a rebirth.

The Fielding Bible announced the winners of their annual awards with Angel Pagan and Ike Davis representing the Mets as runners-up. It's further recognition that Pagan has probably eclipsed his idol Beltran as the Mets top center fielder.

Davey Lopes will not return to the Phillies next year

Bobby Valentine still does not know whether he has landed the Brewers job.

I've got some good statistics stuff from two of our favorite writers. Ted Berg compares them to an edger in painting and Joe Posnanski has some suggestions to improve the more traditional statistics.

Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg has no love lost for Yankee fans.

And, finally, BTB has a sweet timeline of baseball's greatest players.