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Terry Collins Didn't Aspire To Manage Again

This isn't really anything to squawk about, but in an interview last May with Brian Costa of the Star Ledger, Terry Collins, then the new minor league field coordinator and now the new big league manager, answered some questions about his then-new job and whether he aspired to get back to a major league dugout.

Q: Do you still want to be a major-league manager again one day? Is that still a goal?

A: "It isn’t. I did my thing. I had a great time. I was very fortunate to be around good players. When I first got my first major-league managing job, my whole thing was to prove that I belonged there, and I think I did that. So for me, I’m happy doing what I’m doing. I’m working with great people. My job right now is to build this organization up to where our minor leagues are going to produce not only major-league players for the Mets but major-league players throughout baseball. So if Omar needs to make a trade to make them better, we’ve got pieces that can help."

I read this as, "I'm not really thinking about that job right now because I've got this job, which pays me money, to worry about" and not as "I don't ever want to manage again." Someone else might read it differently, I suppose.