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When Sandy Hired Terry Applesauce - Mets pick Collins, Dickey approves, Mookie coach candidate

Meet the Mets

Terry Collins' hiring ends a strange chapter in Mets' history which saw an insane amount of intensity regarding peoples' individual choice for manager. Jason Fry seems to me to have the right approach to this, writing that we really don't know how Collins has changed since his last MLB managerial gig and we should trust that Sandy Alderson knows a thing or two about this job. But, also, my final two cents on this: the arguments that Collins' style angered his teams in the past seem weak when used to support the candidacy of the people's champion Wally Backman, another fiery manager who has seen significant drop offs in wins in his second seasons with his clubs.

Anyway, now that I'm down from my soapbox, there are some interesting posts about the Collins' hire that are worth passing along. Toby Hyde is in support of the new hire.

Howard Megdal uses Mr. Burns' softball managing to show the proper perspective towards the role of our next manager.

The comparison that is getting around for Collins is Davey Johnson and that doesn't seem like a bad thing.

Kerel Cooper does a nice job of creating a video of some reaction tweets.

The two most important opinions, however, are here: Kevin Burkhardt's and RA Dickey's.

I'm just glad that Jeff Pearlman wasn't in charge of hiring the next Met manager.

Even without Wally Backman, the Mets may have a distinct 1986 feel to them with Mookie Wilson getting a shot to be the next first base coach.

Matt Himmelfarb argues that Alderson should test the market for Mike Pelfrey.

Met scouting director Rudy Terrasas has been relieved of his duties with the club; few tears have been shed.

And, finally, here are some photos of Carlos Beltran being a celebrity at a fundraiser for his baseball academy.

Around MLB

The price tag for Cliff Lee is sure to be a steep one, especially with opening bids set at $120 million.

Sunday was Stan Musial's 90th birthday, prompting many outpourings of love for The Man including these 90 things that set him apart.

South Korea's 9-3 victory over Taiwan in the Asian games has spared Cleveland outfield Shin-Soo Choo from his compulsory military service. Choo drove in two of the team's 9 runs.

Kaz Matsui is drawing interest back in Japan.

The Yankees have hired Larry Rothschild to be their new pitching coach.

Here are your daily Justin Upton rumors.