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Settled Dust Applesauce - Met fans react to Collins, Warthen, Hale return to coaching staff, Feliciano deadline

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Meet the Mets

With a full day to react to the Terry Collins hiring, there's plenty of material to pass along to you this morning. Andy Martino does a nice job going into Collins' managerial history and giving us more of the story. Mike Vaccaro also has a good column out today arguing that the Mets made a good hire. Ted Berg also has two pieces up that tackle the hiring. The first takes issue with the requirement that the new manager "makes the team relevant" and the second pretty accurately describes the Met community's take on the hiring process. Also, here's Wally Backman's reaction to hearing the news.

With the announcement of a new manager, there are a few coaching questions left to answer. 2010 bench coach Dave Jauss may be asked to replace Collins as the next field coordinator and Dan Warthen and Chip Hale are both staying on in the previous positions

David Rubin writes about the Mets' history of managers and, boy, have there been a lot of them.

Howard Megdal is pleased with the lack of big player moves in the front office so far and can't wait to hear the reactions on WFAN to his happy inertia.

Speaking of inertia, the Mets deadline to offer Pedro Feliciano is today

And, finally, Wilmer Flores goes out and hits some baseballs hard.

Around MLB

Congratulations to Reds first baseman Joey Votto who won the NL MVP award by a near unanimous vote yesterday. Getting in while his value is extremely high, the Reds appear to be preparing a contract extension.They also signed Dontrelle Willis, so maybe it was just a weird day for Jocketty.

Scott Boras is getting into some trouble with the MLBPA for making loans to some of his poorer Dominican clients.

Are the Diamondbacks looking to trade Justin Upton because young outstanding players don't improve as much as average young players?

The Pirates have DFA'd Zach Duke.

Murray Chass insinuates that Felix Hernandez won the Cy Young handily because of online bullying.

Who are the best players in the wild card era to have never played in the postseason?

And, finally, the contract negotiations between the Yankees and Derek Jeter are starting to get ugly as Brian Cashman publicly expresses concerns about the shortstop's age and abilities.