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Poll: Do You Want Jeter in Queens?

Eric broached the idea last night after offering up some of the tawdry details surrounding the suddenly contentious contract negotiations between the Yankees and El Capitan. For those just jumping into the pinstriped controversy, here's the cliff note version:

  • The Yankees shocked everyone by opening negotiations against the prevailing idea that they'd blindly overpay Jeter, this time as some sort of ceremonial thank you (because those $189M certainly weren't enough).
  • Jeter's agent Casey Close said he and his client were "baffled"; with Kei Igawa getting ready to buy his fifth Bentley, I will say I'm a little surprised they decided to start drawing the line with Jeter.
  • Terms of the Yankee offer surface: 3 years/$45M. Burn.
  • Not backing down one inch, yesterday Brian Cashman did his best Ivan Drago impression making statements to the effect of "If he signs...he signs."
  • As Rey-O pointed out, WFAN hot air balloon Mike Francesa opined about the clear opportunity the Mets now have to address last year's poor ticket sales by signing aging, former standout middle infielder Luis Castillo Derek Jeter to a four-year deal to play second.

For me, it's all about the schadenfreude factor. I'll be completely honest here, I would LOVE to watch my Yankee fan friends writhing as Jeter collected his 3,000th hit in a black Mets uni. But would I love it enough not to puke at the sight of Jeter in said jersey? Tough Call.

So as a Mets fan, would you do it?