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Terry's First Day Applesauce - Mets introduce Collins, Johnson out as HC, Jeter not coming to Mets

It's all fun and games now.
It's all fun and games now.

Meet the Mets

The Mets introduced their new skipper in a Citi Field press conference yesterday, leaving at least one fan/blogger excited about the team's direction. Tyler Kepner writes about Collins' previous managerial experience in the Times. Everything I hear about the Mets situation makes me feel more comfortable than I can ever remember, even though Terry Collins kind of looks like Jack Kevorkian.

Some coaching swaps to report. Howard Johnson, even though he has high praise for Terry Collins, is out as hitting coach. Collins continues to court Larry Bowa, but his projected role is still uncertain.

The Mets smartly offered Pedro Feliciano arbitration, leaving them with either a good draft pick or a good relief pitcher.

Can we quash the Jeter-to-the-Mets rumors right now?

And, finally, Mets Geek compiles its list of the team's top twenty prospects.

Around MLB

Josh Hamilton completed this year's award landslides, winning the AL MVP. The award can only help his case in salary arbitration.

Derek Jeter would not be the first Yankee great to have to finish his career in another uniform.

Good news for all those single people out there: Frank and Jamie McCourt are now officially divorced.

The Tigers drove a dump truck full of money up to Victor Martinez's house.