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Turkey Hangover Applesauce - Mets test Reyes market, will not sign Cliff Lee, Collins' NL managerial style

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Meet the Mets

I hope everyone had an enjoyable, tryptophanicious Thanksgiving and that you were nowhere near the trampling at the Mets Team Store. No major news stories for the Mets, but plenty of rumors and analysis to throw at you, so here goes.

Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle says that the Mets' are asking for an impressive bounty for their star shortstop Jose Reyes.

At the same time, expect the Mets to be interested in an inexpensive starting pitcher like Kevin Millwood and to not sign Cliff Lee.

MLB Trade Rumors takes a look at Pedro Feliciano's impending free agency.

RA Dickey earned a place on Beyond the Box Score's Pitchers Who Were Squeezed.

Brian Mangan writes about Derek Jeter playing second base for the Mets.

On the Terry Collins front, Patrick Flood gives his thoughts on the Mets' rollout of their new skipper. Mark Simon at ESPN took a look at Collins' managerial style while he was in the National League. At the very least he was a voice of reason on the Jenrry Mejia disaster.

Around MLB

Derek Jeter and the Yankees are still quite far apart... $80 million.

Beyond the Box Score suggests that Arizona reconsider the whole trading Justin Upton thing.

Oh man, why couldn't Bud Selig be teaching a course at UVA Law instead of Marquette.

And, finally, the Pirates have sent Zach Duke to Arizona.