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Pedro Feliciano "Seriously Considering" Accepting Arbitration

Ken Davidoff says so:

LHP Pedro Feliciano is seriously considering accepting the #Mets' arbitration offer, his agent Melvin Roman says. Deadline Tuesday night.

Feliciano has until Tuesday to accept or decline arbitration from the Mets. If he accepts then he will ultimately have to sign a contract with the team, either a deal that the two parties negotiate freely or, if they are unable to come to terms, a deal selected by an arbitrator from the contracts submitted by either side. At all events, Feliciano is certain to earn even more than the $2.9 million he made in 2010.

If Feliciano declines the Mets offer of salary arbitration then he will likely sign elsewhere, and when he does the Mets will receive a sandwich pick after the first round in next June's draft.