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Bullpen Decisions Applesauce - Mets await Feliciano decision, Beltran's contract not untradeable, Backman speaks

Meet the Mets

This week represents the first significant time in offseason player movement and the Mets have some decisions to make. With Pedro Feliciano debating whether to accept the Mets arbitration offer, the Mets will have to decide what to do with their remaining bullpen arms, including Sean Green. Then they've still got to figure out how to handle John Maine.

With the Mets expressing interest in pursuing some of the less exciting pitching free agents out there, Joe Janish puts together a quick list of some of the names that we could see a lot more of.

Ed Ryan thinks that the deferred amount of Carlos Beltran's remaining salary will make his contract more attractive to potential trade partners. One potential suitor is Boston as the Red Sox appear to be dangling Jacoby Ellsbury.

Wally Backman told the Daily News that he was surprised that he didn't get the Met job, saying that he didn't think experience should have mattered as much as it did. 

Brian Mangan compares baseball with the business cycle and writes that the Mets have done a terrible job of evaluating where they are on "success cycle."

Fernando Martinez isn't the only Met struggling with injuries in the winter league as Daniel Murphy is just plain tired.

And, finally, Toby Hyde does his 2010 recap of organization shortstops.

Around MLB

The Marlins made a splash over the weekend by signing Javier Vazquez to a one year deal. The contract represents the second time that Vazquez has fled the AL for the NL and his third NL East team.

Joe Posnanski does what he does best: argue against the baseball groupthink. This time it's how the evolution of the closer has had no impact on the game.

How does Omar Vizquel's Hall of Fame case look at this point?

The Tampa Tribune takes an in-depth look at why the Rays can't draw fans.

Pittsburgh has released Dinesh Patel, one of the two winners of an Indian reality show.

Take a look at the eerie ruins of Atlantic City's minor league baseball stadium.

And, on a sad note, Leslie Nielsen has passed away at the age of 84. RIP Enrico.