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JP Applesauce - Ricciardi joins Met front office, Razor Shines leaves, managerial search starts

Meet JP Ricciardi

So, yeah, Sandy Alderson has brought along the first of his people, JP Ricciardi, who chose the Mets over the Red Sox after a phone conversation with Alderson. The reviews are generally positive, but Toby Hyde, for one, is a little concerned about Ricciardi's tenure with the Blue Jays (horrible contracts, weird press relations, etc.).

Ricciardi wasn't the only adjustment to the Mets organization yesterday. The Mets let first base coach Razor Shines go (let me be the first to connect the opening to Davey Lopes with absolutely no basis). Additionally, minor league scout Russ Bove is leaving.

The Mets manager search seems to be getting started with interviews in the works for Wally Backman and Chip Hale. Backman's interview may just be window dressing because the Mets "know things" (presumably bad) about the Brooklyn manager.

The Process Report gives an interesting speculation on why Matt Garza to the Mets makes a whole lot of sense.

Around MLB

The worst thing from the 2010 World Series? Tony Siegle, Giants senior advisor. Best thing? Tim Lincecum. Oh, another bad thing? FOX's ratings.

Apparently, Derek Jeter's contract negotiations this offseason are not going to be very easy.

Elijah Dukes has been arrested in Tampa for failure to pay child support.

Matt Klaassen provides part two of FanGraphs look at drafting and MLB success, writing today about the Texas Rangers.

And, finally, no one is apparently willing to spend enough to buy Sammy Sosa's corked bat.