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eBay Holiday Shopping For Mets Fans

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I came across a most unusual item on eBay this past weekend -- a Jeff Francoeur game-used bat, with "OJ is guilty" written on the knob. The item description claims that Jeffy had Atlanta batboys write expressions on the knobs of his gamer bats so he could discern them from his batting practice bats. Other such expressions were "When in Rome" and "Michael Bolton" (sounds like the batboys had a sense of humor). It's the perfect gift for a Frenchyphile and inspired me to look around eBay for some more Mets-related holiday gifts. Here are a few, with suggestions of the type of fan that might appreciate the gift.

For the masochistic Met fan

Authentic game-used ball from Marlins vs. Mets, 9/30/2007

Yes, that's Game 162, the Glavotage game. Bids start at just $175. I do give credit to the seller, who states that destroying the ball is a viable option for the auction winner.


For "The Todd", assuming he is a Met fan

Mets surgical scrubs

Mets surgical scrubs hat

Because nothing says "medical expertise" like "New York Mets".


For the aspiring beat writer

1969 World Series official press pass

This one was issued to Thomas McShane. Any relation, Chris McShane?


For Alex Nelson

D.J. Dozier 1988 Topps rookie card -- football

D.J. Dozier 1991 Upper Deck rookie card -- baseball

D.J. is the 31st greatest Met of all-time and the only man to play for both the Detroit Lions and the Mets. Alex is perhaps the world's only Lions/Mets fan, so here are a couple $2.00 trading cards to make up for years of disappointment.


For the college-age Met fan

Mets beer pong table

Only for those 21 and older. And be sure to pour alcoholic beverages into cups in the Citi Field parking lot. Drink responsibly.


For members of The Cult Of Backman

Wally Backman autographed Daily News front page from 1988

"Wally: Play Me" is the headline. Not quite as snappy as "Ford To City: Drop Dead", but it'll do.


For Eric Simon

500+ John Olerud rookie cards

Better than wallpaper.


For the Met fan who wants to disappoint his grandma at his wedding

New York Mets wedding garter set

I've always found the whole wedding garter thing a bit sleazy.


For the Met fan nostalgic for Mo Vaughn, Roberto Alomar, Kaz Matsui, Roger Cedeno, etc.

Art Howe bobblehead, stadium giveaway item

Art Howe: first MLB manager of both David Wright and Jose Reyes.


For Sam Page

Mix Master

The gift that keeps on giving.


For the Met fan drinking the Alderson Kool-Aid

Sandy Alderson signed business card

Screw it, it's mine. I'm not a memorabilia collector by any means but this is just a cool item for reasonable cost.


For the Met fan who loves 1986

Mets vs. Astros NLCS t-shirt (appears to be homemade)

1986 World Series Champion t-shirt

Quality 1980s merchandise.


For the Met fan who saw his/her team play at the Polo Grounds

Marv Throneberry signed poster from 1962

Lindsey Nelson signed copy of his book, Hello Everybody, I'm Lindsey Nelson

VHS copy of Happy Recap: The Story Of Hall Of Fame Broadcaster Bob Murphy

Ralph Kiner display stand poster