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Mets' Pete Rose Applesauce - Samuels accused of baseball gambling, Reyes extension, more manager talk

Meet the Mets

There were two pretty big stories floating around the Met blogs yesterday and I'll lead off with the positive one first. Jose Reyes' $11 milion contract option. Positive reviews mostly all around on this one. Patrick Flood's take here. A look around at the league's reactions here. Cerrone's here. Reyes himself, however, doesn't seem all that excited and convinced that he's going to be here long term. 

Now for the negative story. The Mets have suspended clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels for his involvement in a gambling ring and for betting on baseball. His ownership of two houses on an $80,000 year salary looks pretty damning on this one.

Sandy Alderson has approached Padres GM Jed Hoyer about poaching Paul DePodesta from their organization.

Two more in-house managerial candidates will get a look this weekend as Ken Oberkfell and Terry Collins will interview with Alderson.

In minor league news: Cory Vaughn was named Topps Penn League Player of the Year, Brad Holt and Jordanny Valdespin will make televised appearances in this weekend's  AFL Rising Stars Game, and Brad Holt, Eric Niesen, and Nicholas Carr get a little Pitchf/x evaluation.

Ed Ryan provides a list of players the Mets will need to decide on for the 40 man roster.

There's not too much to report from the Takahashi negotiations, but there doesn't seem to be a ton of enthusiasm from Met management to overspend on the lefty.

Josh Smolow writes that Francisco Rodriguez's strong 2010 season was no fluke.

Around MLB

Sparky Anderson passed away yesterday at the age of 76. In his honor, Beyond the Box Score presents his greatest players.

Cliff Lee may be factoring New York state's relatively high income tax rate when making his decision on where to play next. Not sure why, then, he's willing to consider Washington DC instead.

Unfortunately, cogz4Christ is no longer active.

Brian Wilson may be this year's Betty White.

Edgar Rentaria may have beaten Bush's team, but he was not worth the $9 million option the Giants had on him.

Don Zimmer is back for his 63rd year in baseball.

And, finally, Jeff Francoeur still thinks he can play everyday somewhere.