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Meet the Met Candidates - Mets interview Backman, Hale and Warthen likely to stay, Takahashi gone

Meet the Mets

So far, the Mets have dumped a lot of money in the laps of their new executive team and have acquired an all-star front office as a result. While all this is still happening, though, New York remains without an on-field manager. Patrick Flood runs through all the in-house possibilities. Jon Heyman doesn't think that Wally Backman has a shot quite yet at the MLB job and Joe Janish sees some warning signs in "front-runner" Terry Collins' resume

Outside possibilities include Clint Hurdle and Don Wakamatsu. The Mets, however, will have to compete with Pittsburgh for Hurdle's services.

No matter what happens, ownership wants to keep Dan Warthen and Chip Hale

The deadline for Hisanori Takahashi's contract negotiations has come and gone, resulting in the Mets' release of the left handed pitcher. I look at this negotiation as a very good sign of what to expect from the Alderson Administration.

Howard  Megdal gives a list of free agents that Alderson should be calling.

Oliver Perez continues to suck.

Around MLB

Jamie Moyer is likely finished as a MLB pitcher.

Scott Boras is doing his Scott Boras thing: looking for Holliday money for Jayson Werth and hyping up the competition for Magglio Ordonez.

Jon Sickels is wowwed by Bryce Harper.

In other contract news, McCovey Chronicles uses impeccable logic to pronounce the Barry Zito contract the best in history. 

Dan Uggla thinks he's worth more than $48 million over four years.

And, finally, the nuns selling the rare Honus Wagner rookie card were able to get $262,000.