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Morning Poll: Have You Read Moneyball?

Michael Lewis's terrific book Moneyball has long been divisive in the baseball community. Despite being about using resources wisely, and taking advantage of market inefficiencies, many would have you believe it was about soulless computers taking over the beautiful game of baseball. Kevin Kernan's tweet from a San Francisco Giants executive last week was embarrassing for all parties involved, and helped ignite another round of Moneyball discussion:

Bad night for Moneyballers, as Tony Siegle, senior advisor of Giants told me, "We've shown Moneyball is a bunch of garbage'' #MLB

The tweet had Patrick Flood wondering if anyone has actually read the book. Sandy Alderson's hiring as Mets GM also sparked some Moneyball discussion in the Mets blogosphere, with Sam writing what I thought was an outstanding post about the "Moneyball Mets". Even-keeled and borderline conciliatory towards a certain faction of the fanbase, the post was apparently not well received by some. A post by Steve Sidoti of 7TrainToShea highlighted Alderson's appearances in Moneyball, hoping to set the record straight on his involvement in the book. Sam, Patrick, Steve, myself and many others share a common bond -- we have actually read the book. This isn't a grand achievement by any means, but is a simple part of a process I aim to follow when debating any topic -- actually spending time learning about said topic before discussing it. Seems pretty fair. You wouldn't provide a movie review without having seen it. You wouldn't talk about how a sandwich tastes without having eaten it. And you wouldn't (or shouldn't, more appropriately) debate the merits and contents of a book without having read it.

This leads to the poll question. Have you read Moneyball? There is no wrong answer, obviously. I'm just curious, given the content and mission statement of Amazin' Avenue.