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Ollie's Velocity Applesauce - Mets hope Perez does something/anything, F! arthritis, ST schedule released

Meet the Mets

You know it's a relatively slow news day in Mets world when the biggest story is that Oliver Perez appears to be regaining some velocity on his fastball. In all likelihood, this means very little but, with the likely departure of Pedro Feliciano the Mets have an opening in their bullpen for a lefty specialist. An improved Perez may be an in-house solution that could allow the Mets to salvage some of that horrendous $12 million salary.

Fernando Martinez's body just keeps getting in the way of his potential. The reports from his latest doctor's visit: arthritis.

Bill James thinks that the Mets' front office may have some trouble bringing their small market credentials to the big city.

The Mets have signed smooth fielding 17 year old shortstop Alfredo Reyes out of the Dominican Republic. Should provide, at the very least, organizational depth at a generally weak position. They also re-signed lefty reliever Mike O'Conner.

Brian Mangan argues that the Mets should give Aaron Heilman a shot at the rotation.

The Mets open their Grapefruit League schedule on February 26th at Port St. Lucie against the Braves.

Roto Hardball evaluates the fantasy values on the Met pitching staff (and has a sweet Dickey photo).

Around MLB

Some interesting arbitration stuff going on. Orlando Hudson declined arbitration as part of a "gentlemen's agreement" with the Twins and is now a free agent. Grant Balfour declined as well with the Rays. Dave Cameron thinks it's time to re-evaluate the current free agent compensation system.

Brian Sabean got his old, mediocre, rangeless shortstop.

Jamie Moyer is having Tommy John surgery at age 48 and wants to pitch again.

ESPN's Mark Simon sits down to talk with Beyond the Box Score about his career path and how he's using sabermeterics at ESPN New York.

Here's an incredible video for the 1990 Pirates which manages to be both horribly bad and plagiarism at the same time.

And, finally, photos from the Moneyball set.