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Alderson Kool-Aid Applesauce - Mets GM talks with blogosphere, Ollie still sucks, Mejia doesn't

Remember him? He could be responsible for our apparent "low standards".
Remember him? He could be responsible for our apparent "low standards".

Meet the Mets

Sandy Alderson conversed with several Met bloggers on Friday night, discussing all sorts of issues and basically playing nice with his customers. At least one blogger, however, is expressing concerns about this latest PR move and its implications for independent coverage of the team. Forme contends in the post that the team's fans have incredibly low standards and that they will applaud everything Alderson. Of course, being a blogger at Alderson Avenue, I may not be the most objective person on this. But, I can't help but think Forme is off base on this one. Our expectations are high with the institution of a rational front office. It's probably a little too early in this process to say that the blogs are done as an independent force.

In terms of actual player news, Alderson will likely not get a chance to see Oliver Perez pitch in winter ball, which is probably for the best if he wants to avoid feeling nauseous

In other winter ball news, Jenrry Mejia is throwing well and is planning to spend all of next season in Buffalo. Wilmer Flores is raking. And F! is taking BP, but will not return to his winter league team.

Jon Heyman is reporting that the Mets will hire Dave Hudgens as their new hitting coach

The Mets are talking to Reed Johnson's people.

Apparently a deal between Boston and the Mets involving Carlos Beltran was closer than we were lead to believe.

Greg Prince gets a venue at the New York Times to remind us how prominent a figure Pedro Feliciano has been in recent Met history.

Ted Berg talks with Toby Hyde about the Rule 5 results with Hyde believing that Pedro Beato has the best shot to make the squad.

Around MLB

With the recent passings of two prominent baseball broadcasters, there has been plenty of news surrounding the efforts to honor them. While the Mariners chose the form of a statue to honor Dave Niehaus, one Cubs fan chose the walls of the Red Line Grand Avenue train station to honor Ron Santo with a misspelled graffiti tribute.

Carl Crawford has decided to take his newly signed mega deal with Boston and open up an Antiquarian bookstore in the city.

The Nationals continue to be weirdly involved in the pitching market this offseason.

How is the SEC's experiment with a baseball play clock working out?

Outside MLB

The Metrodome roof collapsed under the weight of a massive snowfall and FOX had video.