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Cliff Lee Signs Five-Year Deal With Phillies

Cliff Lee has signed with the Phillies for five years. Goodness. (h/t NaOH)

The deal is said to be for five years and $115 million with an "easily reachable" vesting option for a sixth year (i.e. an Omar Minaya special).

The Phillies now have a front four of Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt.
The Mets have a front four of Mike Pelfrey, R.A. Dickey, Jon Niese, and Dillon Gee.

Oh, and if you're hanging your hat on "that contract will look really bad in 2015," it could be a long four years between now and then.

The Phillies are shopping Joe Blanton to free up payroll.

In 212.1 innings last year between the Mariners and Rangers, Lee struck out 185 batters and walked just 18, 16 of them unintentionally. His 10.82 K/BB (strikeout per walk) ratio was by far the best in baseball. The second best mark? 7.30 K/BB by Lee's now-teammate Roy Halladay. Cole Hamels was 13th at 3.46 K/BB.

The silver lining for Mets fans is that the Phillies' offense isn't anything special, especially now that their best hitter will be earning a King's ransom in Washington. Here are their projected starters and their corresponding National League wRC+ rank among qualified players at their positions.

C, Carlos Ruiz: 129 wRC+ (2 of 7)
1B, Ryan Howard: 139 wRC+ (7 of 13)
2B, Chase Utley: 134 wRC+ (2 of 10)
SS, Jimmy Rollins: 96 wRC+ (7 of 10)
3B, Placido Polanco: 100 wRC+ (7 of 11)
LF, Raul Ibanez: 112 wRC+ (6 of 9)
CF, Shane Victorino: 111 wRC+ (8 of 15)
RF, Domonic Brown: 57 wRC+ (12 of 12)

Not a bad lineup by any stretch, but apart from Howard and Utley there isn't much to get excited about.