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There's Always 2012 Applesauce - Cliff Lee signs with Philadelphia, Mets name coaching staff, Lastings in fight

Around MLB

Short of resurrecting Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Ted Williams, nothing the Mets could possibly have done yesterday would have matched what the Heat Phillies managed to do. With one of history's greatest starting rotations, the Phillies have spared Met fans the pain of having their hopes crushed at some point in the season and have issued the death blow with plenty of time for us to prepare. To be honest, I'm not too broken up about this. I had never expected this team to compete in 2011 and this signing will only make the Phillies more inflexible in 2012 and beyond. But, it's getting late awfully early around Metsland and seeing Philly rejoice is always tough.

There's plenty of reaction to Cliff Lee's contract that's worth passing along. Metsblog compiles a bunch of Twitter responses to the news.

Patrick Flood says that now we have to wait until at least 2012.

Lookout Landing is celebrating the signing.

Mark Feinsand quotes a Yankee official as saying that the Yankees are lucky to have escaped from signing a guy who didn't want to play in New York.

Which is almost as ridiculous as Will McDonald's hilarious take on the destruction of Lee's legacy.

At least we can still enjoy Cole Hamels looking stupid.

There are also a few non-Cliff Lee links worth passing along this morning. For one, Lastings Milledge managed to get into a bench clearing brawl in Winter League. Video here.

And, also there's a new site up that will check up on statistical use in the mainstream media.

Meet the Mets

Well, the Mets didn't get Cliff Lee, but they did get a whole new coaching staff. Greg Prince gives us tomorrow's headlines today about Dave Hudgens.

Jose Canseco tweets a message to Sandy Alderson, asking for a spot on the bench.

Howard Megdal praises the Mets' forbearance, a philosophy which was slightly more bearable before the Phillies got Cliff Lee.

Jordany Valdespin is a sleeper candidate for next year's second base job.

Hardball Times does some revisionist history on the 1960s Mets and wonders what would have happened had someone else been leading the franchise in the early days.

And, finally, the site we've all been waiting for: RA Dickey Tumblr photos.