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New York Mets Holiday Party 2010 Video Recap

Below is a little video recap of yesterday's Holiday Party at Citi Field. In a continuation of the new regime's rolling out the red carpet for the blogging community, AA -- along with a handful of other Mets blogs -- was graciously invited to send a representative to this gala event. Not only that, but we blog folks were actually treated as an entirely separate media outlet -- aside from radio, internet & TV -- which meant we were given our own separate access to the players & personnel...which was awesome.

Aside from having a pretty great time, we got some really first-rate audio & video chock full of interesting tidbits out of it which hopefully you guys will enjoy. Also, on the heals of Sandy & Co's second blogger-only conference call, I can't emphasize enough how big this is for the blogging community as a whole, being welcomed into the fold as first-class citizens in the Mets media coverage domain. Sandy has already made several statements about the doors opening up to bloggers this coming season and as a result at last I've got one reason to look forward to the start of the 2011 campaign.


The Quote of the Day: "Instead of looking at ERA, you might look at ground ball percentage, strikeout ratios, walks per innings pitched, all those interior numbers that give you some sense that there is a possibility for improvement."

- Sandy Alderson, discussing criteria with which he and his staff will judge the remaining starting pitching options available