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Bah Humbug Applesauce - Mets celebrate holidays, Johan sues rape accuser, Flores hopes for AA

Meet the Mets

The Phillies got to play the Grinch to the Met Whos yesterday as Cliff Lee's signing was reported on the same day as the Met holiday party. Rather than celebrate in David Wright's Santa Claus outfit, Sandy Alderson got to provide his reactions to the Phillies' big move. Not surprisingly, Alderson does not think that the Lee signing will affect the Mets' long term plans. There is no doubt in my mind that he is right on this point and it's a breath of fresh air for a Met GM to be acting and planning instead of reacting and improvising.

In other news, Jason Bay talked yesterday about the concussion that sidelined him for a significant portion of last year, saying that it was like having a constant low-grade headache.

Johan Santana has fought back in his Florida rape case, suing his accuser for making false statements and ruining his reputation

Wilmer Flores hopes to play in AA this year, but he still does not fully trust his defense at shortstop. He has confidence that he will figure it out soon though.

The Salvation Army has more Mets gear than it knows what to do with.

Around MLB

Congratulations to the Phillies for winning the Vegas preseason World Series.

"When you left, the fans have never truly gotten over you leaving. Did you ever truly get over it?" "Uh, yeah." - Cliff Lee just not getting the heartwarming homecoming storyline that NBC10's John Clark was trying to weave.

Having been spurned by Cliff Lee, the Yankees remained busy with some of the less desired assets out there. They snagged Russell Martin and Mark Prior.

The Nationals have signed pinch hit homer specialist Matt Stairs

The bigger National news, however, came from the Racing Presidents, who impressed everyone by holding their own in a Washington Ballet performance of the Nutcracker.

It took a blizzard and the collapsing of a stadium roof, but Brett Favre was able to end his consecutive start streak in the same city that Lou Gehrig did.

Hideki Matsui to the A's.

And, finally, I'm now officially confused about this whole Carl Crawford old book thing.