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Bob Feller Remembrance Applesauce - Tejada will not be Met 2B, Martino to don Speedo, Pedro Martinez likely retired

Around MLB

Very few stories this offseason will involve a player the quality of Bob Feller. And very few writers can produce an obituary as good as this one by Joe Posnanski.  Great baseball player, entertaining character, and he will be missed.

Speaking of legends, RJ Anderson takes a look at the most unlucky of legends, Wally Pipp, and puts him in perspective with some of today's first basemen.

The Cubs are close to signing back their former golden boy Kerry Wood.

Arizona has snagged Henry Blanco with a one-year deal.

Florida is getting Randy Choate for $2.5 over two years.

Pedro Martinez does not appear ready to come back, no matter how much Ted Berg may beg him.

Meet the Mets

I.M. Forme shows how it's done in respectfully picking an argument by responding to the criticisms of his previous post on the potential problems of blogger access. 

Terry Collins seems to think that Ruben Tejada will not get a shot at the starting second base gig this year. Sounds reasonable to me. Collins also looks into his crystal ball and predicts no sophomore slump for Ike.

Daily News reporter Andy Martino is a soon-to-be-Speedo-wearing man of his word.

Tacoma News-Tribune columnist John McGrath uses WAR to put John Olerud's Hall of Fame case into perspective. He ultimately thinks Olerud shouldn't get in, but the piece is actually pretty solid for a real professional columnist.

Howard Megdal shows that Sandy has already beaten the market by comparing his contract with D.J. Carrasco with Matt Guerrier's new deal with the Dodgers.

And, finally, Steven Booth de-constructs the Mike Piazza trade. Man, good times.